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  1. thao1122
  2. thao1122
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  4. thao1122
  5. pankaj kumar
  6. pankaj kumar
  7. pankaj kumar
    pankaj kumar
  8. Solnce
    Solnce EchoD
    Hi, are you admin here? Is this project alive? I see bunch of idiots messing around here in forum, why no t to block them and remove?
  9. masha21
  10. Curtis Le Gendre
    Curtis Le Gendre
    Maybe I could help port some Linux Apps to xBSD ?
  11. nuklear
    E pluribus unum
  12. Starbuck
    I am from Chisinau, Moldova. I work for governamental agency and doing a lot of other tertial activities.
  13. Angelescu Ovidiu
    Angelescu Ovidiu EchoD
    I will wait in #desktopbsd channel on freenode
    My nick is convbsd.
    I have added desktopbsd organization to github and pushed some stuff there.
    Thank you.
  14. Angelescu Ovidiu
    Angelescu Ovidiu EchoD
    If you plan to revive desktopbsd please tell me.
    We can work together.
    Thank you.
  15. TamaraEn
    Век живи — век учись.
  16. TamaraEn
    Стремлюсь к знаниям и всему новому.
  17. lord_webi
    osx86 or BSD, that is here the question !?