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Usability: DesktopBSD tools are a collection of applications designed to make life easier and more productive. For all users DesktopBSD will keep it's ease of use thanks to the KDE desktop which is highly integrated with DesktopBSD and provides an easy-to-use interface while offering powerful functionality for both normal and professional users.

Software availability: With it's graphical package manager, DesktopBSD offers a simple way to install, upgrade and uninstall software. There are about 16.000 packages currently available, containing everything from browsers and instant messengers to media players, office suites, science applications, games and much more.

Stability and Performance: DesktopBSD is based on FreeBSD, which is one of the most reliable and robust operating systems in the world. The development of FreeBSD (and therefore DesktopBSD) is highly focused on performance. The system manages resources efficiently and reacts quickly even when many processes are running simultaneously. This also affects networking, so DesktopBSD tries to use the available bandwidth optimally.

Security: When it comes to security, the BSD operating systems are world class. OpenBSD for example had only two remote holes in the default install in more than thirteen years. DesktopBSD benefits from the work of other BSDs, such as OpenBSD, and passes that advantage on to you.
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Latest news:
DesktopBSD 2.0

The DesktopBSD 2.0 roadmap has been published. Leave your feedback on the forums!
New website

We have launched a brand new site design. Thanks for irkibo for taking on web develpment duties.
We are back!

The domain is back up, the forums have been restored, and the site is operational again after a long period of inactivity. Updated documentation is coming soon!