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Quick Resources
Why contribute to DesktopBSD?
  • Make friends, and make difference in the world.
  • Have a voice in the project, and get a vote.
  • Practice skills for a career, or show off your work to others.
How to be a DesktopBSD contributor?
  • Consult the list of issues at the DesktopBSD github repo for things to do, and ask to take on a task.
  • Fork an existing repo, edit, and submit a pull request when finished with your changes.
  • Create a new project of your own on GitHub, and let us know about it so we can fork it.
  • Edit the DesktopBSD wiki, add, or correct documentation.
  • Create original artwork, or logos.
  • Take on research for the project, and give presentations.
  • Test software releases, and give feedback.
  • Create a port.
Best practices for development of DesktopBSD
  • Install FreeBSD in VirtualBox to build, and test code.
  • Snapshot your VirtualBox VM often before each major change, or install of code.
  • Use a text editor designed for editing source code such as ATOM when using Windows, or OS X.
Overview of DesktopBSD components
  • Base operating system:
    • FreeBSD 10 RELEASE
    • FreeBSD-runtime & Kernel only
  • Installer:
    or maybe
  • Desktop Environment:
    • gnome3-lite[1]
  • Software Installation:
    • Chrome Web Store
    • Octopkg
    • pkg
  • Development
    • HTML5
    • Shell
    • Python
    • GTK
    • QT
DesktopBSD source code layout
DesktopBSD -> FreeBSD source code with modifications specific to DesktopBSD.
Artwork -> Backgrounds, login screens, lock screens, boot splash wallpapers, and more.
Ports -> Ports that package up artwork, extensions, GBI and other DesktopBSD settings.
Settings -> This will contain files the control the various default settings of DesktopBSD.
Work in Progress
  • Base operating system:
  • OpenRc init system
How to build a DesktopBSD iso for testing purpose?
  • First you need to install last FreeBSD RELEASE ( now is 10.3 ). It might work with GhostBSD 10 or PC-BSD 10 too.
  • In installed FreeBSD please install xorriso, git and grub packages (grub2-pcbsd grub2-efi).
  • Clone desktopbsd-build from github using git clone and read
  • If problems occurs you can get help in #desktopbsd channel on
  • Please test built iso and send feedback.
Please do not redistribute yours built iso since is not an official release.
Thank you.
Other Resources